About Us

SardiniaConcierge is a trademark and service of LuxuryEsmeralda, providing personal assistants 24/7, all over the world. The concierge is on hand to meet your every need, from the simplest to the most eccentric. A wide range of services and our expertise in personalisation means that you create a close personal relationship between the concierge and the customers. sardiniaConceirge provides the same special attention to every request, both with customers, shareholders, partners and employees.

Some examples of our customers requirements;

  • A romantic dinner
  • Tickets to a sold-out show
  • A baby sitter/AuPair
  • A all inclusive trip to New York
  • Transfer by plane or helicopter
  • A hot tub in the middle of your living room


Our Philosophy


We seek to attain excellence in every request. This quality is fundamental to all our employees. We provide excellent service around the world every day. The way we operate is designed to achieve results that exceed the expectations of our customers,our shareholders and our partners.

Porto Rotondo

Via R.Belli, 19
Porto Rotondo, 07026 (OT)
Sardegna Italia

Telefono +39 078934070



Via Eleonora D'Arborea, 99
Cagliario, 09121 (Ca)
Sardegna Italia

Telefono +39 078934070